Birds and Travels 2019

Hi Art Lover Friends and Family,

Alt Text= Blue, orange, yellow Northern Oriole
Northern Oriole

Here’s what has been going on in my life as an artist this year. I’ve been working with watercolors and have been focusing on and observing birds wherever I go. I take pictures inside of my mind or with my iPad during our travels and in Roseville. Then I draw and paint them to share with you at my Art page.
When we were down in Florida, my mom and I were looking for parrots. Instead, we saw a big Heron, not too far away from some mullets leaping in the air. When we were sightseeing in Utah, I got my picture taken next to a friendly raven at Bryce Canyon, where there was snow in late May! We did a lot of climbing, including to a double arch, where there were nests way up high at Arches and lots of birds were there. Back in Minnesota, a Northern Oriole was passing through and feeding on our crab apple tree. I’ve seen many birds lately that I haven’t painted yet. Some you may see in the future are ospreys, hummingbirds, robins, cardinals, wrens that have taken over our yard and trumpeter swans and their babies, which I saw with my friend Paula on our silent retreat.
Also, I plan to add how to draw some of these birds at my website. I taught a class at TSE on how to draw birds. It went well. I hope to teach one at InterAct too.

We had an art show at Chery’s Ham Lake estate and it went really well. I am taking a short break from painting to do special summer things like fishing, golfing and gardening. I hope that you are enjoying your summer.


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This site is inspired by Evita (Eve), an artist, who has disabilities resulting from a brain tumor as a child. You will find stories about her life here. Evita displays vivid art, including angels, birds. landscapes and more. Some of the art is for sale. (Debby helps Evita post at this blog).

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