November 2006

Here are some very special things about myself. I was born in a hospital in Virginia, Minnesota on November 20, 1983. One day later, my mom and dad brought me from the hospital to live in a small house in the woods. I was the youngest of the three girls and we also had goats and chickens and two cats. I shall never forget the times my mom and I went for walks in the woods and picked the beautiful wild flowers.

When I was four, my parents were divorced. My mom and Amanda and Star and I all moved to an apartment in Roseville, Minnesota. When I was 5 years old I was very sick. My family thought I was going to die. I didn’t die. One night I woke up and said mommy mommy I thought I saw a fairy. That’s when the angels first came to me. I believe that my angels have helped my health to improve. Now I send my angels out into the world where people might need them.

I collect angel souvenirs and statues. I also collect turtles and rocks. Besides collecting I like to read. I also like to cook and bake food such as chicken noodle soup and apple crisp. I like to do crafts with my oldest sister Amanda. I like being in plays. I love to paint landscapes with sunrises and sunsets more than anything.  I also love to sing and my mom thinks I have the prettiest voice ever. When I’m in a sad mood I sing until I feel happy. Mostly what makes me unhappy is when I get headaches or I get sick. Sometimes my sister Star sings with me too and I really enjoy that a lot. My sister Star is so silly that I will always have fun with her.

I get to do lots of fun things. Like, once in a while I get to go and visit my dad up in the woods. My mom and I still go on walks and we read together. I also take walks with my dog Kingston who is a King Charles Cavalier English Spaniel. I am a responsible dog owner. Sometimes I go bowling with Star or my friend Christena or with Special Olympics friends. I have a very important job, which is cleaning at my church, and am I ever the lucky one because I get to listen to the church bells and organ when I clean.

Eve standing next to her painting

If I could have one wish in the whole world it would be that I grow up healthy and become a famous artist. Debby Newman thought we should write a book about our memories. Here it is. I hope it brings happiness to your life. Eve

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Artist Evita (aka Eve)

This site is inspired by Evita (Eve), an artist, who has disabilities resulting from a brain tumor as a child. You will find stories about her life here. Evita displays vivid art, including angels, birds. landscapes and more. Some of the art is for sale. (Debby helps Evita post at this blog).

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