June News from Eve

Hanging with my cousin Cheryl at the family reunion we just had.


Whew life has been busy!  Check out the Artwork because I have new artwork up.  Right now I am working on 2 paintings one is a pink angel with yellow feathers, she represents all of the good things going on in my family life, my church life and my artwork life.  At Interact I am working on a painting of an angel standing on a table of food it’s name is “Savor of Life” and will be part of Interacts upcoming play called “House of Fools”  I am trying to get art work displayed at Ginkgo Coffeehouse and looking for other places to display at.  I am planning to bring an angel to the headquarters of The Upper Room which is a magazine of daily devotions.  I hope that they will publish it in an issue.   I went on a Florida vacation where I got to hang out on the beach, see alligators, birds and dolphins.  This gave me so many ideas for beach artwork.

I have the Special Olympics Track and Field State Meet this weekend then I start SO Golf right away.  I’m pretty tired out because I’ve been spending a lot of time babysitting my nephews Shaun, Jack and Henry.  Luckily with the help of a deck of yoga cards I’ve started practicing yoga and meditation almost everyday focusing on the 3 things I want to work on each day.  I love it.  I will update you soon.

Bye for now


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Artist Evita (aka Eve)

This site is inspired by Evita (Eve), an artist, who has disabilities resulting from a brain tumor as a child. You will find stories about her life here. Evita displays vivid art, including angels, birds. landscapes and more. Some of the art is for sale. (Debby helps Evita post at this blog).

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