October 2022

Alt text = Several people on beach in front of Lake with driftwood TeePee in front of people

EViTA Newman up dates for what has inspired my art through seeing nature all of the seasons. Seeing artworks at Interact art center and art galleries with my artist mentor Cami has given me new ideas like textile art.
I have gotten interesting results from going on walks in Roseville other places like Florida beaches, Stillwater and up North. Kayaking at Apostle Islands through Wilderness Inquiry with our mother and my sister Amanda and my nephew Shaun, and kayaking through the tiniest sea cave called The Mouse Hole was thrilling and scarry!
I have been very busy work on my artworks at Interact arts center and my house. It has been a year of enjoying friends in Special Olympics, Flames Church group and friends my Interact arts center.

Onto another topic of mine which should have to be writing short stories. First, I wrote the messages on this year’s Christmas cards. Do you like them? Next, here is a poem for your pleasure of viewing.

The Blues Jays Sing Their Songs for Me.
When I sit on a chair inside of my backyard patio on nice autumn days
He will come flying through the air with such beauty and grace.
As through saying to me
I have a song to sing for you Miss Eve Marie.
He is a beautiful male Blue Jay with his mate, whose name is Grace.
She sings along with him as they fly together
From place to place.

Summertime 2022

Hi Friends and Artlovers,

I’m happy to tell you that I have added some new artwork. Also, life has been very busy.

Besides being back at my job at Centennial United Methodist Church, I am going to InterAct Center for Artists with Disabilities.

My garden has a lot of shade so we’ve put colorful plants that like shade. There’s been a deer that likes some of the plants. It hops right over the fence and chows down. I’ve covered some special ferns with netting. Paula made a planter out of a bundt pan for my patio table.

I’m writing poetry now. I’m taking a writing class at a library; I think it is really really cool and helpful. I’m going to learn a lot of new tips to polish my writing up. Here’s some writing from my InterAct writing class that I will polish up at the Minneapolis library.

Why Oh Why?
Why must every pathway on this earth lead to different destinies?
Why do birds fight over their own territories?
Why do we go where the heart desires most?
Why oh why?

I hope you enjoy looking at my new art work and it inspires you to do some of your own art work and creative writing.

Evita (Eve)

Update November 2019

November 2019

Hi Art Friends,

I have a Christmas card all ready for you to see on art page of my website. The painting was inspired from going to all the drumming circles in Sarasota, Florida. It is Snow Men drumming in a circle! The words came  from my Uncle David’s favorite Christmas song, Little Drummer Boy. He is in heaven and may hear you singing it.
I am continuing researching and learning about birds. I have been asked to teach a class about birds at InterAct Arts Center. It will be how to draw and paint the birds. The first few birds I will teach about are Black Capped Chickadees and then Cardinals. I already taught about Cedar Wax Wings at TSE. I have also gotten back into working with pottery, and I made a vase last week. It is in the kiln.
With the rest of my life, here is what is going on. I am working out at the YMCA and at home. I have therapy swim every Tuesday with Jared at Courage Center in Stillwater. Sometimes I have O.T. there with Alisa. I am also doing chair yoga at Fairview with an instructor named Margaret. She is teaching me and my mother and other people very good stretches and how to balance better. I am going bowling every Sunday. The state tournament is later this month. I am also working on centering and meditating as much as I can remember to be doing every day. My niece Katarina has recommended books for me to read. I get them from the Roseville Library. I read fiction about Al Capone and now I am reading Tracker by Gary Paulson.
Some of my family and friends will get surprises from my garden and my mother’s garden for Christmas.
Thank you,

Evita’s notes October 2018

Greetings art friends

I have been creating art work to share with you in my kitchen/artist studio and at InterAct  Art Center (1860 Minnehaha, St Paul). They are open most weekdays. In mid-November, you can find my artwork at Art Start (1459 St Clair, near Snelling Avenue, St Paul). You can also find new paintings and cards at Artwork on this website.

I have been studying birds and learning how to draw wings and the birds’ bodies.  A few favorite bird paintings are for sale, such as the owl that’s been in my neighborhood this summer. Another fun style I’ve been playing with is abstract art that came out of my zen tangle work. Take a look at this year’s Christmas cards. One has snow people and the other includes Gabriel the angel. There are also some new thank you cards. Pretty soon you’ll see a winter scene. I have some commissions I’m working on for my friends Paula and Kayla.

This summer, we gardened. My shade garden had surprises like a volunteer squash and toads. The chipmunks, squirrels, rabbits and voles got a lot of our food, but my mom and I grew lots of herbs, which will become Christmas presents. Please don’t tell my sisters or sister in laws! My Special Olympics unified partner Katie and I got a bronze medal at the State Golf Tournament.

I hope this has been a really great year for all of you.   Evita

Alt Text = Evita in orange top, holding a sunflower, standing by sunflower painting
People liked my sunflower painting at the Birchwood Cafe


June News from Eve

Hanging with my cousin Cheryl at the family reunion we just had.


Whew life has been busy!  Check out the Artwork because I have new artwork up.  Right now I am working on 2 paintings one is a pink angel with yellow feathers, she represents all of the good things going on in my family life, my church life and my artwork life.  At Interact I am working on a painting of an angel standing on a table of food it’s name is “Savor of Life” and will be part of Interacts upcoming play called “House of Fools”  I am trying to get art work displayed at Ginkgo Coffeehouse and looking for other places to display at.  I am planning to bring an angel to the headquarters of The Upper Room which is a magazine of daily devotions.  I hope that they will publish it in an issue.   I went on a Florida vacation where I got to hang out on the beach, see alligators, birds and dolphins.  This gave me so many ideas for beach artwork.

I have the Special Olympics Track and Field State Meet this weekend then I start SO Golf right away.  I’m pretty tired out because I’ve been spending a lot of time babysitting my nephews Shaun, Jack and Henry.  Luckily with the help of a deck of yoga cards I’ve started practicing yoga and meditation almost everyday focusing on the 3 things I want to work on each day.  I love it.  I will update you soon.

Bye for now


A Rainbow in My Head Updates

March 2017 by Evita

Hi Friends,

Thank you for looking at A Rainbow in my Head. We recently added new art. Please visit the ART PAGE if you want to see my newest paintings. Some days I wake up at dawn because I am so excited to finish in time for the St Paul Art Crawl!

The Art Crawl will be April 28, 29 and 30.

I will have some art work at the Show Gallery – 346 North Sibley . . . and at
InterAct Art Center on Minnehaha, just east of Fairview.

First I am heading to Florida with Amanda, Shawn and Katarina.  Then I will drive back with my mom and Cliff. I might get to stay at my cousin Stephanie’s (she has lots of dogs and lives in the country).  This winter was interesting. Paula, Sarah, Cami and even my aunt Patti took turns hanging out with me. I’ve been to Como, plays, movies, restaurants and of course art galleries. To stay in shape for Special Olympics, Sarah and I have been going to the Y and my mom and I are into yoga. One of my favorite things this winter was a SPA weekend with Ventures Travel. Hope to see you or hear from  you soon. Evita

alt text= Sarah Eve and David hold a painting
David Proposes to Sarah

Winter 2016

This picture is a commissioned painting of a wedding proposal. It was one of the hardest paintings I’ve done because I had to keep it a secret from Sarah.
What do you think her answer was!?!

Other things happening in my life are that we went to Florida to see Star and Gerald for Thanksgiving. We have been having fun babysitting the twins Jack and Henry and I bowled in Special Olympics this fall and have been swimming at Courage Center and doing Yoga. Paula and I put together a poster board of what’s important to me with old magazines so I try to get some of my goals done every day. I still get ideas for my art in dreams.

I had my Healing Journey art show at Centennial United Methodist Church. You can see it at the top of this page with people who came from all over the country for a meeting. 10 happy people in yellow shirts The experience was exciting and it made me feel more like a real artist. I have an art mentor named Cami who helps me meet other artists. I sold “The City of Angels” to a really nice family with 3 daughters and the painting is hanging inside of their bedroom. 

Happy Holidays,

Contact Evita at DebbyAndEve@gmail