Summertime 2022

Hi Friends and Artlovers,

I’m happy to tell you that I have added some new artwork. Also, life has been very busy.

Besides being back at my job at Centennial United Methodist Church, I am going to InterAct Center for Artists with Disabilities.

My garden has a lot of shade so we’ve put colorful plants that like shade. There’s been a deer that likes some of the plants. It hops right over the fence and chows down. I’ve covered some special ferns with netting. Paula made a planter out of a bundt pan for my patio table.

I’m writing poetry now. I’m taking a writing class at a library; I think it is really really cool and helpful. I’m going to learn a lot of new tips to polish my writing up. Here’s some writing from my InterAct writing class that I will polish up at the Minneapolis library.

Why Oh Why?
Why must every pathway on this earth lead to different destinies?
Why do birds fight over their own territories?
Why do we go where the heart desires most?
Why oh why?

I hope you enjoy looking at my new art work and it inspires you to do some of your own art work and creative writing.

Evita (Eve)

Published by

Artist Evita (aka Eve)

This site is inspired by Evita (Eve), an artist, who has disabilities resulting from a brain tumor as a child. You will find stories about her life here. Evita displays vivid art, including angels, birds. landscapes and more. Some of the art is for sale. (Debby helps Evita post at this blog).

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