October 2022

Alt text = Several people on beach in front of Lake with driftwood TeePee in front of people

EViTA Newman up dates for what has inspired my art through seeing nature all of the seasons. Seeing artworks at Interact art center and art galleries with my artist mentor Cami has given me new ideas like textile art.
I have gotten interesting results from going on walks in Roseville other places like Florida beaches, Stillwater and up North. Kayaking at Apostle Islands through Wilderness Inquiry with our mother and my sister Amanda and my nephew Shaun, and kayaking through the tiniest sea cave called The Mouse Hole was thrilling and scarry!
I have been very busy work on my artworks at Interact arts center and my house. It has been a year of enjoying friends in Special Olympics, Flames Church group and friends my Interact arts center.

Onto another topic of mine which should have to be writing short stories. First, I wrote the messages on this year’s Christmas cards. Do you like them? Next, here is a poem for your pleasure of viewing.

The Blues Jays Sing Their Songs for Me.
When I sit on a chair inside of my backyard patio on nice autumn days
He will come flying through the air with such beauty and grace.
As through saying to me
I have a song to sing for you Miss Eve Marie.
He is a beautiful male Blue Jay with his mate, whose name is Grace.
She sings along with him as they fly together
From place to place.

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Artist Evita (aka Eve)

This site is inspired by Evita (Eve), an artist, who has disabilities resulting from a brain tumor as a child. You will find stories about her life here. Evita displays vivid art, including angels, birds. landscapes and more. Some of the art is for sale. (Debby helps Evita post at this blog).

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